Dig It Deep Daddy

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  • Added: August 12, 2020
Description: Bishop Angus and Cory Koons began by making out on the bad. You could see right away that Cory is very horny so Bishop had him turn around so he could get to his hole. Not long after, Cory had his ass penetrated deep. Seems like daddy couldn't take any longer so he just went right in. It was slow going at first so Cory got off and blew Bishop so his cock would feel nicer inside him. After the preparations were made, Cory jumped right on and started bareback riding. This felt just right to Bishop but he needed a change of pace so he pinned Cory down to widen his hole further. The banging grew with intensity until Bishop could take no more and Cory was there to suck him off. Cory came moments later as well!
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