Pleasing My Daddy

  • Duration: 19:47
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  • Added: July 22, 2020
Description: Ryan Wilcox was seduced by a young man by the name of Conrad Logan. They wasted no time and started getting naked to their jockstraps. Since Conrad's tongue was thirsty, after a bit of kissing, it found it's way to daddy's cock. He then started blowing passionately so Ryan could not keep up his poker face. Enough was enough and Ryan bent the boy over to grease up his hole. Immediately he proceeded to penetrate him. Conrad loves the change of pace as daddy was going in balls deep. After getting barebacked doggystyle, Ryan let his bottom get on top and ride. They finished when Conrad could take no more so he spilled his load. Daddy Ryan got down to lick him clean before splurting his load too!
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