Comfort Hook Up

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  • Added: February 29, 2020
Description: Jamie Owens is very horny today so he though of making a trip to all his buddies to see what's up. Curtis Fitch was first in his book but he had to wait for him to come back from work. And when he did, they wasted no time and got down to business immediately. Curtis got to his knees first to repay Jamie for his tardiness. They continued swapping head until they could take no more so they started shooting jizz. Jamie wasn't satisfied though so he left Curtis to find someone else. It just so happens that young Tyler Esterbrook was walking about and he caught Jamie's eye. After a brief getting-to-know they got to Tyler's place. Tyler welcomed Jamie with a blowjob before hopping onto his cock for some bareback riding. Jamie was thrusting hard so it was only a matter of time when Tyler's cock would burst with cum. Jamie loved how his bottom twisted in pleasure in front of him so he shot his load also!
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