Tough As Leather - Part 2

  • Duration: 18:01
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  • Added: November 20, 2019
Description: Hardcore cumslut Ethan Palmer didn't have enough cock inside him last time so Justin Case and Victor Cody decided to keep playing with him. Ethan was overjoyed when Victor's cock entered his mouth while Justin barebacked him. The only thing keeping Ethan in place was the sex swing as Justin picked up speed going balls deep. After changing position it was Victor's turn to have fun with this thirsty hole. Ethan started moaning so hard that he had to swallow Justin's hole dick to keep quiet. Daddy finally had his fill and let Justin back in. His big cock was also throbbing very hard so he had to eat some ass to calm down, which made Victor impatient so he came over and spilled his load over Ethan's hole. Seeing this made Justin want to breed harder than ever, making Ethan shoot jizz all over himself!
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