Latino Musclefuck

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  • Added: December 2, 2020
Description: Junito Alexander might think of himself as a tough latino but Carlos Alexander managed to fuck him into submission within minutes. Not that he would complain about having his asshole rammed by someone as hot as Carlos! Junito's jockstrap-clad cheeks only helped Carlos thrust as hard as he could. The thirsty bottom proved to be very naughty and loved having his legs tremble from all the banging but he just kept wanting more! A tongue up his ass seemed to bring Junito back from the clouds before an another round of hardcore bareback begun. When Carlos got tired Junito wasted no time in getting on top to ride him like the wind. Sexy talk was abound with these hunks as their muscles clashed and Junito's jockstrap disappeared. But the bareback didn't stop. At least until Carlos came loads over Junito's asshole and reinserted again!
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