Case 1: Rush & Rider

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  • Added: March 16, 2020
Description: Case #1 - Good day law-abiding citizens, my name is Filip and I help young guys fix their problems. My office may be pitiless, because these straight guys often don't have the money to pay us, but that doesn't mean we leave them high and dry! We have rich associates who can help cover the costs if our client is to their liking. They're not very picky as long as it's a handsome youngster with a virgin asshole. I can't pretend to say that this is not our favorite method of doing business!
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DANMARK July 27, 2020

Terrific Very HOT I came watching without even touching my cock, I had my clothes on! This is the best porn I've ever seen online or off! I want to go to Prague now. Watched a second time and anxious to view more here! Thanx, you have the best site of all!

jvdodds June 18, 2020

What a site! OMG. Can't wait for season two. This scene will show you everything you need to know about this site. Outstanding.

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