Dont Get Dressed

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  • Added: February 6, 2021
Description: Jamie Allen was going for a walk on the country side when he found an abandoned house that seemed like a good place for him to jack off and blow some steam. He rubbed his hard cock slowly, enjoy the moment while waiting for his friend to come. When Lucas Morrison came, he was caught by the sight of Jamie's long hard dick, thinking whether to suck it or not at that moment. These two stared at each other for a bit, but the chemistry was too obvious and Lucas grabbed Jamie's dick and started to rub it up and down. He sucked it so good that Jamie wanted to please him as well. After they sucked each other for a bit, Lucas was the one who did the fucking. He plunged his thick meat inside Jamie's muscular ass, fucking him good. All this heat and wild sex made them cum at the same time. They will remember this wild adventure forever!
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