Dick Or Treat

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  • Added: November 3, 2018
Description: Gregor d'Arc is a skinny twink who seems so frail and pale, just like a real vampire does. Since it's Halloween, he decided that dressing up as a Count would be a fun idea. Sure enough, once he walked into his Bf's room, he got invited to suck, just like any red-blooded Vampire would. It doesn't take much for Gregor to be persuaded so in no time, he's gobbling that already engorged piece of man meat. Blowing his man off is just the starter course. Once they got naked, the fellas blew each other but it was Gregor's ass that got ripped to pieces. His man fucked his bum in all kinds of filthy ways, making Gregor moan like a little Vampire bitch! Soon enough, as the missionary position was up, the boys came simultaneously, falling by each other's side, breathing deeply with pleasure!
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Wayne730 January 27, 2019

Jack Flynn is described as a bottom. After this display of topping, he could reasonably be described as versatile.

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