Up For A Fuck

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  • Added: September 22, 2018
Description: Pedro and Jack are two very cute twinks who love being left alone. This time, they are in Jack's apartment and it's Pedro who is itching to get his cock sucked. Well, Jack is no fool and he can see where this day is going to lead to. A long dick gets whipped out and there the boys are, sucking and switching positions in order for both of them to get a taste of what they are yearning for. It's Jack who ends up being the bottom and Pedro gives his best effort to slam dunk that tight ass of Jack's. The positions keep switching until they settle on the missionary and this is where the dude's ejaculate, all over Jack's skinny belly. What a finish!
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Vaclav September 22, 2018

Simple scene but with hot sex !!! I love when two bigdicked boys are together. Jack susprises me with his big dick and I love him when during position one his cock is \"dancing\" hahahah. One more thing : this is really good !

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