Martin's Massage Therapy

  • Duration: 18:29
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  • Added: August 11, 2018
Description: Martin just got back from the gym. Lifting weights is his fav pass time activity and he loves it when he looks all chiseled up like Adonis. The backlash here is that his muscles are aching and he needs a massage that Alex offers up. He lubes him up with oil and gets to it. Massaging his abs Alex gets all worked up. Whipping Martin's dick out is a result of this sensual massage. Well, once there, sucking dick is the next natural step, why not, right! It all progresses into something more serious where the boys start fucking. Cowboy position, doggy style, sideways, they are all hot ass hell, but the hottest one of them all is the hot and messy cumshot at the end!

Alex Morgan

Role: Bottom
Cock Size: 17 / 6.69"
Height: 176 cm / 5.8'
Hair Color: Brown
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Blue
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Martin Hovor

Role: Top
Cock Size: 17 / 6.69"
Height: 183cm / 6' 0"
Hair Color: N/A
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: N/A
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Vaclav August 15, 2018

Very good, guys ! I bet there was fire in the room but the boys didnt care about it lol. Alex Morgan is an amazing bottom and Martin Honor...well well...he was super hard this time. But im not surprised with him, because with such a great bottom as Alex is what would we expect ? Nothing so simple as this hot and sensual scene. One more thing : more of Alex Morgan. I think he is an expert for big dicks :) . And more of cute Martin.