Teenage Joy Ride

  • Duration: 21:19
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  • Added: July 28, 2018
Description: Young horny lover boys Dominik Black and Kurt Maddox are in search for a hotel so that they can get all hot and frisky! As soon as they walked in the room they started kissing and unclothing, craving for each other's dicks. As they were blowing each other off, Dominik asked for Kurt's long vibrating cock to pound his smooth and skinny ass. It's needless to say that the whole little love nest of theirs was echoing from the raw anal penetration. From all the pleasure that Dominik felt while riding Kurt's thick man pride, he came all over the bed. While Kurt had something else in mind, giving his young lover a hot jizz load all over that cute face of his.

Dominik Black

Role: Bottom
Cock Size: 16 cm / 6.3
Height: 160 cm / 5’2″
Hair Color: Blond
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Blue
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Kurt Maddox

Role: Top
Cock Size: 18 cm / 7.1
Height: 173 cm / 5.7'
Hair Color: Brown
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Brown
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