New Top In Town

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  • Added: July 7, 2018
Description: Jake Olsen always had a thing for tattooed gay men. Dom Ully came to the kitchen and got pissed for the dishes being undone. He wanted to punish Jake, so he took him into the living room and started kissing him and taking his pants off. He undressed too and started gagging on cock while wanking his own. He did such a great sucking job that Jake couldn’t take it much longer. Jake started sucking him too to get him stone-hard before lifting one of his legs up and fucking his butthole. Then he bent him over and drilled him until he was ready to come all over his belly!
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Wayne730 February 18, 2019

I wonder why Jake fucked Dom with only half his dick. I\'m sure Dom would have liked that lovely dick connected to that beautiful body pushed right into the hilt.

Vaclav August 15, 2018

Jake Olsen : wow ! Very good looking from head to toes. Dom Ully is a 'pro' but my eyes are on Jake. I want to see more of Jake from now on. His debut here looks good, but his eyes tell me he is going to do more more and more :) scenes. I really want more of him

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