Casper Got Caught

  • Duration: 20:51
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  • Added: April 21, 2018
Description: Casper Ivarsson was beating it to some sexy porn magazines before Desmond Cooper came inside the room. He caught him and now he deserves a punishment. Casper had to suck his dick and started doing it the moment he pulled it out. He gagged on it for a while until Desmond started to suck him too to get him in the right fucking mood. Then he spread his legs and started pounding his asshole as hard as he could. Then he grabbed his hair and fucked him so hard in a doggy style before coming on his face!

Casper Ivarsson

Role: Versatile
Cock Size: 16cm / 6.3″
Height: 176 cm / 5.8'
Hair Color: Blond
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Brown
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Desmond Cooper

Role: Top
Cock Size: 19 cm / 7.5"
Height: 180 cm / 6.9''
Hair Color: Black
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Black
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