Open Up Oliver

  • Duration: 20:25
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Description: One phone call away from ultimate satisfaction? Sexual tension between Jamie and Greg is off the roof, and the moment when their lips touched made their shafts hard as the rock! Stripping and teasing build up their horniness to the maximum level, and when Jamie gets down on his knees and embrace young twinks cock with his tongue, the real fun starts. Fluffy haired twink then returns the favor by sucking his lovers big rod. Bending over in doggystyle position was the right time for Jamie to open his tight asshole and let the big cock inside him deep and hard. Moaning and begging for more was the way of expressing a beautiful feeling of hot penetration, and switching to missionary position while the pulsing shaft is still inside Jamie, made Greg's cock erupt in jizzylicious fashion!

Greg Noll

Role: Versatile
Cock Size: 7.5"/ 19 cm
Height: 6' 1" / 185cm
Hair Color: Black
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Blue
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Jamie Oliver

Role: Bottom
Cock Size: 16 cm / 6.5''
Height: 180 cm / 6'
Hair Color: Brown
Foreskin: Uncut
Eye Color: Blue
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