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Dino Goes Deep

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  • Added: July 8, 2017
Description: Unfortunately, Mike Davis missed the train, and he sadly has no lighter. So, seeing a rough guy smoking a cigarette, he will soon enough ask for a lighter, because he is stressed out. So, luckily, Dino Borisov is very happy to help him out. Mike will tell Dino that he is very troubled, and Dino comes up with a way to help him sort his problems out. So, in order to get Mike's stress out of his body, he decides to roughly bareback his tight little butt until all of the stress leaves his body. He then fills his mouth with cum.

Dino Borisov

Age: 33
Cock Size: 17 cm / 6.7"
Height: 183 cm / 6 ft
Hair Color: Black
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
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Mike Davis

Age: 26
Cock Size: N/A
Height: 183 cm / 6 ft
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
Eye Color: Green
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