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Boned On The Stone

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  • Added: July 20, 2019
Description: Sexy Martin Polnak was with his blonde twink Tyler Fox outside. He had Tyler lie on the stone bench and then oiled him up and started massaging him. He rubbed his back and ass and soon stripped his underwear, leaving him naked. Martin gently stretched Tyler's butt, fingering and caressing his asshole, getting him ready. He then turned him around, to jerk his twink's cock off while Tyler was sucking him off, making it all wet and hard. After that, Martin gave Tyler a quick sloppy blowjob and then put him on all fours on the bench. He started barebacking him, gently at first, before going harder and harder, impaling him balls deep. They moaned in pleasure as Tyler kept changing positions, taking his hard cock in many different ways, wanting to feel it stretch him completely. As they both neared the climax they sat down on the bench next to each other and started jerking each other off. Martin came first, spraying cum all over Tyler's stomach before he came on Martin's thigh.

Martin Polnak

Age: 23
Cock Size: 17 cm / 6.7"
Height: 180 cm / 5 ft 8 in
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 71 kg / 156 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
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Tyler Fox

Age: 28
Cock Size: 17 cm / 6.7"
Height: 180 cm / 5 ft 10 in
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Green
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