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Bred Out Of Bed

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Description: These two twinks are so young that they barely have hair on them. Steve Hard is the big one of the two and he seems ready to seduce his younger counterpart. The younger guy is Jonathan Starke. The two are about to embark on an adventure that they are never going to forget. Especially Steve who just can't resist a tight ass like Jonathan's. He just loves small tight twink asses and he's about to get his share of them. He starts off by taking off all his clothes. Then he touches him down there, playing with his asshole as well as his balls while Jonathan lies flat on his stomach. Then he caresses the lovely asshole with his dick. Finally, Jonathan has no choice other than to suck Steve's hard cock. He loves the size of Steve's dick and he tries to take in as much as he possibly can. He just loves the feeling of a hard dick inside his mouth, but he loves it even more inside his tight little twink asshole which is exactly where it goes next as they fuck hard!

Dominik Black

Age: 25
Cock Size: 16 cm / 6.2"
Height: 160 cm / 5 ft 3 in
Hair Color: Blond
Weight: 58 kg / 127 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
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Steve Hard

Age: 23
Cock Size: 17 cm / 6.7"
Height: 181 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 76 kg / 172 lbs
Eye Color: Green
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